Dedicated Energy Team

Energy Transactions: Consultation & Expertise

With new energy technologies created for improved quality and sustainability, there is an ever-increasing need for expertise surrounding energy project transactions. ASM & NDDS has formed a specifically dedicated Energy Team providing the consultation and experience for these projects. With the knowledge & understanding of the complexities involved with these real estate transactions, our Energy Team has provided services for hundreds of energy-related projects. These transactions include multi-site, multi-state projects involving mergers, expansions, acquisitions & dispositions nationwide. Our professionals have worked with some of the largest energy companies, providing the consultation, capacity, manpower, technologies and expertise that help streamline the transaction process.

Energy-Related Expertise

Hydro-Electric Dams
Solar Panel Farms
Wind Turbine Energy Sites
Fossil Fuel & Mining Sites
Landfill Gas Plants
Pipeline Projects
Infrastructure Facilities
Transmission Lines
And More…

Energy Team Transaction Services

ALTA/NSPS Land Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or Drones)
Environmental Site Assessments
Wetland Delineation
Flood Impact Products
Pre-acquisition Due Diligence